7De Laan 2018 Informations

This amazing Serial drama 7de Laan it is a production from South African produced by Danie Odendaal. The 7de Laan it is set around the fictional 7de Laan (Sewende Laan or 7th Avenue) in Johannesburg, where the characters of this soap opera lives and works there.

The 7de Laan Sucess

7de laan7De Laan is a great success with millions of views per each episode. It developed a great success since it started, with a few words it is an amazing serial to watch.

This TV Serie has won many awards for its success, such as: Best Soapie 2010 (SAFTA), Best Soapie 2011 (SAFTA) and Best TV Soap 2015 (SAFTA), all of the awards that 7de Laan gained were determined by public votes.

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